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Borehole Geophysical Surveys / +44 (0)1939 210 710

Environmental and groundwater borehole logging

As international concern for the environment continues to rise, so does the need for environmental geophysics to meet legislation and plan for any required remedial action. From contamination and groundwater monitoring to CCTV inspection surveys, European Geophysical Services can provide customised surveys to support a wide range of investigations.

Geophysical logs are obtained from electronic probes lowered into a borehole. They provide an independent and continuous in-situ profile of the various visual, physical and chemical properties of the construction and fluid within the borehole and its surrounding geology.

Probes that measure various physical properties are lowered into borehole using a winch
  • Contaminated land
  • Water quality
  • Saline intrusions
  • Evaluation and condition assessment of monitoring boreholes
  • CCTV surveys