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Geothermal wells: CCTV Surveys and Borehole Logging

Geothermal wells are an expensive part of any geothermal development, so data is essential for construction, development and on-going maintenance. European Geophysical Services has experience working on deep geothermal projects and open and closed loop systems.

Open Loop

An open loop geothermal system relies on two wells (one supply and one return) to pipe clean ground water directly from a nearby aquifier to an indoor geothermal heat pump. Open loop is only practical when there is adequate supply of clean ground water.

Closed Loop

A closed loop geothermal system continuously circulates a heat transfer solution in a completely closed loop of plastic piping.


  • Data for the design of wells
  • Confirmation of borehole construction and condition
  • Measurement of fluid temperatures
  • Identification of flow zones and rates
  • Monitoring of water quality and temperature
  • Evaluation of formation permeability
  • Monitoring the effects of well development
  • Physical condition surveys
  • Formation evaluation