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Mining and Exploitation: Wireline Logging

Geophysical methods are used widely in the search for and exploitation of many types of economic deposit, from hydrocarbons and evaporites through to lead and copper.


Geophysical logging of drilled holes can provide invaluable information on quality and quantity of many economic deposits, such as many metals, coal and lignite, gypsum, halite, potash and other evaporites, clay, limestone and marble.


Important geotechnical and hydrogeological information can be provided by geophysical investigations which can be of prime importance in mine planning and dewatering.

Detailed rock analysis is available allowing orientation of discontinuities, such as fractures and bedding.

Rock density, porosity and strength can also be determined before mine construction begins. Aquifers and zones of water movement can also be determined. Geophysical logging provides vital information for lithological identification and correlation across the site.