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Heat Pulse Flowmeter Tool

The heat pulse flowmeter consists of two very sensitive temperature sensors, one 5cm above and one 5cm below, a small heating element. The tool is positioned at a particular depth and left for a few minutes for the temperature sensors to stabilise.

A heat pulse is then generated and the temperature sensors monitored for a response. The time taken for the heat pulse to reach a given sensor is a function of the fluid velocity.

This tool is used in situations of very low fluid velocities where an impellor flow-meter would not be able detect any flow.


  • Size:
    1000 x 52mm
  • Weight:
  • Measurement range:
    1 – 50mm/s
  • Max. temperature:
  • Max. pressure:

Logging Conditions

  • Readings taken when tool held stationary

Borehole Conditions

  • Minimum diameter 60mm
  • Water filled
  • Unlined, screened or cased (detection or casing leaks)
Fluid velocity measurements using a heat pulse flowmeter