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Impeller Flowmeter Tool

This tool is used to determine vertical fluid velocity within a borehole and identify areas of inflow or outflow. The tool is normally run at a constant logging speed both up and down the borehole.

The data is corrected for logging speed and a fluid velocity (FV) log is produced.

Flow (Q) in l/s may then be derived from the fluid velocity (FV) and caliper (borehole diameter) data.


  • Size:
    700mm x 38mm
  • Weight:
  • Velocity range:
    10mm/s +
  • Max. temperature:
  • Max. pressure:

Logging Conditions

  • 4 – 15 m/min

Borehole Conditions

  • Minimum diameter 60mm
  • Water filled
  • Unlined, steel or plastic screened
Impeller flowmeter log showing vertical water movement between two issues