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Verticality Tool

This tool employs a combination of magnetometers and inclilometers to measure the inclination/tilt and direction/azimuth of the borehole. The logging tool may be centralised or side walled during data acquisition. The position of the borehole at any depth with respect to the log origin may be calculated in terms of X (West-East) and Y (SouthNorth) co-ordinates with the Z axis showing the true depth from origin.

The azimuth readings are influenced by the presence of steel within 1m of the borehole. Therefore for accurate azimuth readings this tool must be run in unlined, plastic or stainless steel lined boreholes.

The inclination readings are unaffected by the presence of steel.


  • Size:
    1250m x 38mm
  • Weight:
  • Tilt:
    0° – 90°+/-0.5°
  • Azimuth:
    0° – 360°+/-1°
  • Max. temperature:

Logging Conditions

  • 2 – 4m/min

Borehole Conditions

  • Minimum diameter 50mm
  • Dry or fluid filled
  • Unlined, plastic or stainless steel lined