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G. Stow Plc. and European Geophysical Partnership Demonstrates the Importance of Routine Borehole Maintenance and Effective Communication on Thames Project

CCTV surveys give a good general overview of the entire borehole and help identify intervals where further study can be useful
Example images of CCTV surveys

In 2015 G. Stow Plc. approached European Geophysical to conduct borehole CCTV surveys as part of a borehole maintenance programme for Thames Water. For water companies, it is a regulatory requirement to have a robust maintenance programme in place for their borehole assets, so that work is proactive rather than reactive in order to maintain supply to the consumer. Fines can be issued if this maintenance is not carried out.

The program consisted of G. Stow Plc. removing, and where necessary replacing the borehole pumps, and European Geophysical Services conducting CCTV surveys once the pumps had been removed.

Due to the significant number of sites being surveyed, the CCTV surveys were conducted in a precise and methodical fashion that was consistent across all sites, allowing easy comparison for future surveys of each borehole. Using effective communication and a collaborative approach, G. Stow Plc. and European Geophysical services were able to execute the program effectively. Occasionally this meant dealing with last minute changes in the program due to pressure on certain borehole assets – particularly during periods of high demand.

James from European Geophysical Services said: “G. Stow Plc. and Thames needed the surveys run in a specific way, at regular intervals, so that multiple Thames water assets could be surveyed over a number of years and compared across sites. The CCTV surveys results we supplied to G. Stow Plc. allowed them to make effective decisions on asset management.

As a business, we are experienced in working to specific requirements and work to food standards of water hygiene using blue card accreditation in the water quality framework. Over the years, European Geophysical Services has established itself as a leading provider of water well surveys and we continue to work with the majority of the water industry and spring water companies in the UK. Something we established early on as a business was having specialist units that are dedicated to the potable water industry, so they are only ever used in drinking water, and we make sure everything is sterile.”

James went on to say: “A recent development we are currently working on is an online portal which allows clients remote access to an archive of their own surveys, allowing direct comparison of recent and past surveys of a particular borehole. We think this will prove to be a very valuable resource to our customers.”

G. Stow Plc. Said: “Effective planning is essential in borehole maintenance because this is an essential asset for Water Companies. We knew we could work well and communicate well our requirements with the team at European Geophysical services. Working collaboratively with European Geophysical Services, we formulated a robust maintenance programme to survey multiple sites across Thames water assets over recent years, in line with their AMP period programme.”